The year is 2074.

Artificial intelligence researchers are rushing to come to market with the first massed-produced miltary android. You are model AR-212, designed by ARC Systems, and your task is to prove that you have the highest problem solving and combat skills available. To prove this, you are placed in futuristic 'mouse mazes' called zones and must find your way out. These zones have been set up with gravity-shifting puzzles and robotic enemies for you to prove your skills and reach the end as quick as possible. Your current design has one small problem, ARC Systems researchers have not figured out how to keep your batteries from draining if you remain still, so you need to keep moving!

Technical Information: 

wArp is written purely in Javascript that is displayed using an HTML5 canvas. The game utilizies the Impact javascript game engine.

Release Information: 

Initial Release - 5/22/2011

Future Upgrades & Fixes: 
  • More Zones!
  • Add Audio
How to Play: 


  • ARROWS/WASD: Move Player / Change Zones
  • MOUSECLICK/SHIFT: Shoot Weapon / Select Level
  • SPACEBAR: Pause
  • ENTER: Return to Home Screen
  • CAPS: Restart Current Zone
  • F: Display / Hide Frames per Second (Default is OFF)
  • Q: Change FX Quality (Default is HIGH)
  • N: Change Player Name

Using your mouse to aim and shoot and WASD or Arrows to move, make your way through each zone as fast as you can. wArps are placed in each zone and you will need to maintain your momentum correctly to overcome obstacles. You will need to avoid or destroy various enemies that will try to stop your progress as well as face area locks and gravity-shifting puzzles. You will need to move fast, staying still drains your life!


wArp currently has no cheats available, sorry!

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