Mutant Zombie Monsters


You've been dead a long time, until now.

Hundred's of years ago, you lived as one of Fairview's founding fathers. Back then it was a prosperous city that anyone would be proud to be a citizen of. After a great and fullfilling life, you were buried in the beautiful Fairview Cemetary located in the rolling hills just outside of town. Since your death, many industrial companies have taken over the city and now something has gone terribly wrong. Toxic waste from a major company, Psylo-tek, has caused the undead to awaken and mutate into grotesque and dangerous monsters. After rising from the dead yourself, you realize that you do not have the blood-thirsty desire to kill like the other zombies do and actually have a shred of humanity left in your bones. As a skeleton back from the dead armed with a supply of scythes and a semi-automatic rifle, you set out to stop the undead uprising in Fairview and those who let this happen to the once beautiful city will pay.

Technical Information: 

Mutant Zombie Monsters is written purely in Javascript and is displayed using an HTML5 canvas element. This was my first game using the Impact JS game engine and was quite a learning process. I kept the sprites small so that I did not have to spend too much time on the artwork since I wanted to keep working on the code.

Release Information: 

Version 1.1 - 03/17/2011

  • Sound Effects and Music Added - Some browsers still have a hard time playing sound.
  • Fixed iphone 4 and 4th Gen iPod Display Issue - Higher res retina display had upscaling issue.
  • Fixed Zombie Spawning Issues - Zombies no longer spawn underneath player.
  • Lengthened Bonus Score Timer - Easy to string combo's together!
  • Added Credits Screen - You should know when you beat the game.

Initial Release - 03/12/2011

Future Upgrades & Fixes: 

Planned Features:

  • Game Music and Sound Effects - Most HTML5 browsers support sound well, still issues with mobile browsers.
  • Online High Scores and Leaderboards - Current high scores are saved to your device.
  • More Levels! - Initial Release includes 10 levels, more to come.
  • More Zombies and Monsters! - More bad guys to come!
How to Play: 


  • ARROWS: Move Player / Change Levels
  • X: Throw Scythe
  • C: Shoot Gun
  • SPACEBAR: Pause
  • SHIFT: Return to Home Screen
  • S: Sound On/Off


Mutant Zombie Monsters is about one thing: killing zombies as fast as you can without dying. Mutant Zombie Monsters saves two high scores for each level; the highest score based on killing zombies as well as the fastest time, which simply times how fast you can make it through a level in an all-out race to the end. Your fastest time score does not factor in what you kill or how many times you were hurt or died. Scoring bonuses are awarded for stringing attacks together to hurt or kill large amounts of zombies in a short period of time. You may watch your score bonus increase and become brighter if you manage to keep up the zombie destruction. If your high score or fastest time for that level is above-average, you will receive a two star or three star rating for that level. To master the game, get 3 star ratings for every level!

Scoring Bonuses:

  • Successfully Attacking any Enemy: +10
  • Obtaining a Health or Ammo Item: +100
  • Stringing Attacks Together: +10 PER ATTACK BONUS
  • Ten Attacks in a Row: +100 PER ATTACK RAMPAGE BONUS!
  • Twenty Attacks in a Row: +200 PER ATTACK FRENZY BONUS!

Scoring Penalties:

  • Receiving Damage from an Enemy: -10
  • Being killed by an Enemy: -25% of Current Points
  • Time Deduction for Level: -Your Level Time When Finishing Level

Cheat codes are available to help you through the game or if you desire to simply blast everything with infinite life and ammo. To cheat, pause the game and then enter in the cheat code. Confirmation and cheat code status will be displayed as you can turn each cheat on or off. Note that if you have entered a cheat for your current Mutant Zombie Monsters session, your highscores will not be saved. Refresh the web page to reload the game if you wish to quite cheating and save your high scores. The environment may also still be able to crush you if you have God Mode enabled.

  • God Mode: Hold 'Left' and 'Right' and then press 'Throw Scythe'
  • Unlimited Ammo: Hold 'Left' and 'Right' and then press 'Shoot Gun'
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