Initial Version of wArp is Online!

Well I think wArp is complete enough to get the initial version online! I've been working on this game a little while now and will be looking to get some feedback to see how much more time to put into it. I wanted to make a platformer that had high speed play kind of like Sonic The Hedgehog where if you do the right thing, you can fly through large sections of the level quickly. Once you play this game, you will see how influential the game portal is to the game mechanics. I had some fun making warps and preserving the player's direction and speed through the warp, which makes for some fun results.

This is also my first game that incorporates mouse movement into the game which was fun to figure out. If I get some time, I'll try to post some of my code that gets things like the angle between the player and mouse at any time, etc.

If people like this game, I'll be sure to keep working out more and more zones and try to get smarter with the puzzles!

wArp's Game Page

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