Bionic Battle Browser Bots


The year is 2052.

Artificial intelligence is in its still in its infancy and like all great technical advancements, the most profitable gains have been for the entertainment industry. Bots that were originally designed and built to help people are handed weapons and placed in an arena to fight to the death with other bots for the amusement of human crowds. You are one of these bots and your job is to survive and win the tournament. Just like the ancient Greek gladiators described in your system databases, maybe you can win your freedom.

Technical Information: 

Bionic Battle Browser Bots is written purely in Javascript that is displayed using an HTML5 canvas. The game utilizies the Impact javascript game engine.

Release Information: 

1.1 Update - 04/06/2011

    Upgrades and Fixes:
  • Online Leaderboards - Your highscore is saved with your bot's name in online leaderboard for each arena.
  • 5 New Weapons - New Weapons Added - Jammer Beam, Bounce Mine, Split Bomb, Scatter Bomb, Scatter Beam
  • 3 New Power-Ups - Ammo, Infinite Ammo, Healing
  • 5 New Levels - More Levels with Various Layouts Added
  • Player Can Now Fire Default Weapon or Special Weapon - X will always fire default weapon, C fires special weapon if player has one.
  • Player Can Now Access All Levels Without Beating Them - To give game more deathmatch arena feel as players go for highscores.
  • Removed Music - Too many browser issues with large sound files and HTML5 still.
  • Fix Bot Stuck Issue - Bots were occasionally stuck when going after items.

Initial Release - 04/01/2011

Future Upgrades & Fixes: 
    Planned Features:
  • Multiplayer - Online multiplayer via nodeJS or similar.
  • More Arenas! - More challenging arenas to come!
  • More Weapons and Power-Ups!
How to Play: 


  • LEFT/RIGHT: Move Player / Change Levels
  • UP: Use Jetpack
  • DOWN: Taunt / Heal
  • X: Shoot Default Weapon / Select Level
  • C: Shoot Special Weapon / Select Level
  • S:Toggle Sound On / Off (Default is ON)
  • F:Display / Hide Frames per Second (Default is OFF)
  • Q: Change FX Quality (Default is HIGH)
  • N: Change Bot's Name
  • SPACEBAR: Pause
  • SHIFT: Return to Home Screen

Each arena has a number of computer-controlled bots and a set time you will play for the match. If you have more kills, or frags, then the computer at the end of the match, you win! To stay ahead of the bots against you, you will need to take advantage of the various weapons and power-ups that spawn during the match. Utilize your jetpack to navigate around the arena but be sure to keep an eye on your fuel because you can only stay airborne for a short period of time. Land on any surface to refuel your jetpack. After killing any computer-controlled bot, you have a short time to taunt while that bot is still dead. Taunting heals your bot and can be an essential skill to master to stay ahead. You will notice the computer taunting you after you have been killed as well!


Cheat codes are available to help you through the game or if you desire to simply blast everything with infinite life and ammo. To cheat, pause the game and then enter in the cheat code. Confirmation and cheat code status will be displayed as you can turn each cheat on or off. Note that if you have entered a cheat for your current gaming session, your highscores will not be saved. Refresh the web page to reload the game if you wish to quite cheating and be able to save your high scores. The environment may also still be able to crush you if you have God Mode enabled.

  • God Mode: Hold 'Left' and 'Right' and then press 'Shoot Default Weapon'
  • Unlimited Ammo: Hold 'Left' and 'Right' and then press 'Shoot Special Weapon'
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