Easily Deploy Your HTML5 Game to Android's Play Store Using CocoonJS

A couple years ago, I began writing HTML5 applications and games for fun. HTML5 was hailed as the standard that would unify all mobile devices and marketplaces. No more dealing with multiple device SDK's, multiple device resolutions, or performance among different devices. Using Javascript and the HTML5 canvas, any device 'should' be able to play your game just fine. I had some fun making games as more and more browsers began to support HTML5 and were able to render the canvas faster and faster.

How to Show and Hide Adsense Ads from your HTML5 Canvas Game

These days, Google Adsense allows you to show and hide their adds in your dynamic web content using a combination of your HTML5 canvas, javascript, and CSS. Using a couple simple tricks, you can display an advertisement in your games homescreen for example, and then hide it when your user is playing the game. This allows you to use Adsense, but avoid your game becoming too cluttered with ads while still monetizing it.

HTML5 shadowblur Significantly Slowing Down Framerates...

Good News! Bionic Battle Browser Bots is a featured game once again on Google's Chrome Webstore. Along with more players comes more feedback and large numbers of users are reporting that the game can drop to unplayable framerates of 2 fps or so and the background tiles appear with blurred borders. I have traced this to the HTML5 shadowblur properties of the shadow API. This cool feature helps different html5 elements in the game look nicer with blurred shadows and not much extra graphic or coding work, BUT....

Initial Version of wArp is Online!

Well I think wArp is complete enough to get the initial version online! I've been working on this game a little while now and will be looking to get some feedback to see how much more time to put into it. I wanted to make a platformer that had high speed play kind of like Sonic The Hedgehog where if you do the right thing, you can fly through large sections of the level quickly. Once you play this game, you will see how influential the game portal is to the game mechanics.

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