Mutant Zombie Monsters 2 Released!

My initial cut of Mutant Zombie Monsters 2 is now online. Currently, there are 10 levels with 15 unique weapons to mow down zombies with. The idea of this game is to be a very simple and easy to play zombie platformer with a variety of levels and weapons to have fun with. I am currently working on fixing bugs and optimizing it for phones and tablets. Touch screen buttons are displayed on mobile devices. Let me know what you think!

Mutant Zombie Monsters 2

How to Show and Hide Adsense Ads from your HTML5 Canvas Game

These days, Google Adsense allows you to show and hide their adds in your dynamic web content using a combination of your HTML5 canvas, javascript, and CSS. Using a couple simple tricks, you can display an advertisement in your games homescreen for example, and then hide it when your user is playing the game. This allows you to use Adsense, but avoid your game becoming too cluttered with ads while still monetizing it.